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Afin de diffuser des spots vidéo pour votre campagne preroll sur VRT NU, nous utilisons la plateforme Camalion. Consultez ci-dessous les spécifications techniques, lisez comment vous inscrire en tant qu'utilisateur et/ou comment livrer votre matériel sur

Comment télécharger votre campagne preroll ?
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Comment livrer le matériel ?
VRT NU_Spécifications techniques

Time limit: Maximum 20 seconds

Size limit: 8 MB

Format (hardcoded): Codec H264 - Extension .MP4

URL & Trackers: Please deliver an active click-through URL along with the MP4 file (which can be UTM tagged). You may also deliver impression and clicktrackers together with the MP4 file. Also accepting MOAT and IAS 3rd party tags.

3rd party tags specifications: All assets loaded by the 3rd party tags must be HTTPS as well (as the 3rd party tags).

Dimensions: 1280x720 px (720p) - ratio aspect 16:9

Audio specifications: Sound volume: -5 dBFS // Standard audio OFF (sound ON only on with user interaction). Audio must automatically stop on mouse off the creative. Sound ON/OFF button must be present.

Frames rate: Min 15, Max 25 Frames/second

Delivery times: 5 business days before campaign start. Feedback will be given within 24 hours after reception if material does not meet the requirements.

Material Delivery: deliver material on