Instructions for delivering commercials & sponsor mentions VRT radio

I. Technical specifications

1. General requirements

  • The commercial or sponsor mention must be delivered as an audio file.
  • The offered commercial must be completely finished so that no further work, such as editing, level adjustments, or modulation adjustments, is necessary.
  • A pause in a radio commercial may last up to one second.
  • Var will remove pauses at the start and the end of the commercials.
  • The radio commercials are automatically normalised to -9 dBFS.
  • ATTENTION! Audioboards for broadcasting on Klara must be delivered at -9 dBFS and -19 LUFS.

2. Recording requirements for the audio file

  • Linear
  • File format: WAV
  • Audio coding: LPCM
  • Sample Rate: 44,1 kHz of 48 kHz
  • Word length: minimum 16 bits
  • Channel arrangement: stereo
  • Audio phase: in phase over the entire length of the commercial
  • Mp3 files are no longer accepted

3. Materials delivery time and content requirements

Radio commercials and High Performance packages

  • Finished radio commercials: no later than two working days before the first broadcast date of the campaign.
  • Commercials of 45 seconds and longer: the storyboard at least 10 working days before the first broadcast date of the campaign.

Proxispots on Radio 2

  • Finished radio commercials: no later than three working days before the first broadcast date of the campaign.
  • ProxiSpots must have a regional character, such as a mention of the municipality or province.

Sponsor mentions (5″ from Boost packages)

  • Finished commercials: no later than five working days before the first broadcast date.
  • The storyboard: at least 10 working days before the first broadcast date of the campaign.
  • The sponsor mention may not contain any sales pitches and may not refer either directly or indirectly to the respective presenter or radio network.
  • View the Radio Sponsorship Guidelines

4. Delivery

The delivery is done exclusively via SpotShop, the upload platform that is accessible via You can register on your own and then choose a login and password.

II. Useful tips for recording your radio commercial!

1. The production house

Have your radio commercial recorded by a professional production company. A list of production houses can be found on our website.

2. Voice and music

  • Radio commercials using the voice of VRT employees who exercise a journalistic function or present a consumer programme are not accepted.
  • Radio commercials containing the voice of VRT employees, other than journalists, but whose employment contract does not allow them to lend their voice to commercials, are also not accepted. Before recording, check with the voice actor to determine if they have permission from VRT to lend their voice to the commercial.
  • Also take into account that the voice actor could have an exclusivity contract.
  • Check whether the rights to the music and the voice are in order, also when reusing commercials from the past.
  • Moderate the use of sirens and horns. This can cause confusion for motorists.

3. The broadcast period


The words ‘sales’, ‘bargains’, or ‘clearance’ may only be used if the start date of the sales is mentioned in the advertisement. In addition, the clothing, leather goods, and footwear sectors are not allowed to announce discounts during the pre-sales period, unless it is for conditional sale or an annual street fair and street market.

View the Guidelines for Radio Advertising in the Sales Period


Public holidays (St Nicholas, Christmas, Easter)

Promotions on the occasion of St Nicholas and Christmas may only be broadcast as from 1 November. Commercials mentioning the physical presence of Santa at an event may only be aired as from 1 December. Commercials relating to Easter may not be broadcast until six weeks before Easter at the earliest.

4. Mandatory statement

Advertisements for certain products and/or services must contain a well-defined mandatory statement at the end of the commercial. Some examples:

  • Alcohol: “Drink our products responsibly”
  • Beer: “Drink beer brewed with love responsibly”
  • Consumer credit: “Remember that borrowing money also costs money”
  • Medicines: “This is a medicine. Do not use for an extended period without the advice of a physician. Read the instructions for use carefully.”

5. Information

This list of tips is not exhaustive. More information on advertising requirements can be found, for example, on the websites of: