Instructions VRT TV show sponsorship

I. VRT TV show sponsorship

The scenario of sponsor mentions (animated or otherwise) must, after consultation with the VRT, be approved in advance by VAR.

Animated sponsor mentions used in sponsored broadcasts are always delivered to VAR ready to broadcast 10 working days before the first broadcast date, in accordance with the technical specifications:

  • Delivery?

    We have only been accepting material in HD D-Mat as of 01/01/2014. For more information on HD D-Mat and delivery, please contact one of the production houses. You can find a list on the VIA website. You can also contact the AdOps department at VAR via

  • Delivery deadlines?

    You are expected to deliver all the materials to VAR at least 10 working days before the first broadcast. However, the ultimate deadline is five working days before the broadcast if we can approve a storyboard in advance.

Visualisation of the sponsor mentions must meet the conditions of various radio broadcasting and television decrees.

The Client agrees that the Advertiser will inform VAR immediately and directly if the Advertiser is forced to change its name and the associated communication policy during the term of this Agreement as a result of a merger.

II. Guideline content of sponsor mentions Eén & Canvas

VAR and VRT would like to give you a few guidelines in order to get your sponsor mentions on the air without any problems. These guidelines arise from the Flemish media decrees and are strictly controlled by the Flemish Media Regulator (VRM).

View the guidelines

III. The form of sponsor mentions

Animation is allowed and interpreted broadly: the mention may consist of an auditory, visually moving, and/or audiovisual message.

IV. The duration of sponsor mentions

The scenario of the screen mentions (animated or not) must always be submitted to VAR in advance for approval. The maximum duration of a sponsor mention is five seconds.

V. Specific guidelines for content of pre-rolls on VRT NU

In addition to the supplementary terms and conditions of sale for video, the following also applies:

Sponsor mentions broadcast via linear TV and with an explicit reference to a programme can only be broadcast during that respective programme on VRT NU. In all other cases, a general commercial must be used without visual or auditory reference to the sponsor (‘courtesy of’, etc.).